Ctirad Slavík: Academic Job Market for Economists


We are pleased to invite all PhD students in Economics to a seminar entitled "Academic Job Market for Economists" given by 

Ctirad Slavík, the placement officer at CERGE-EI. 

This information meeting is intended for PhD students who are considering participating on the academic job market for junior economists. Those attending will learn how the market works, the important deadlines, how to participate, and what to expect from the participation. The speakers include: Ctirad Slavík, the placement officer at CERGE-EI, Marta Cota, a CERGE-EI Phd student who participated on the market this year, and Jan Zápal, who has been serving as the chair of the hiring committee at CERGE-EI in the last few years.

Začátek akce 21. května 2024 v 13:00
Konec akce 21. května 2024 v 14:00
Organizátor CERGE-EI
Email na organizátora pr@cerge-ei.cz
Místo konání akce CERGE-EI (Politických vězňů 7, Praha 1), místnost 402